Past Life Regression Training

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For more and more people, past life regression has become a way of releasing fears, phobias, and feelings. Sometimes people in hypnosis "slip" automatically into what can be described as a past life, or memories that are not their own from this lifetime. It doesn't matter if it is an actual past life memory or a metaphor that the mind creates. The healing that can occur from a past life regression is very real.

Past Life Regression Training is for hypnotists/hypnotherapists who would like to guide others ethically and effectively on past life journeys to help them to...

  • Journey back through time to uncover lessons from previous lives
  • To bring forward those learnings and integrate them into their current life
  • To heal the connections that they have with others
  • Forgive those who hurt them in the past
  • Receive wisdom to apply to their current life situations
  • Find out what their soul purpose is in this lifetime

And much more...

During this 3 day, intensive course you will learn how to skillfully and effectively guide others on past life journeys. This course often brings about great change in the people who take it. It can be an extremely powerful experience.

You will learn:

  • How to safely, effectively and ethically guide your clients on past life experiences
  • Advanced hypnosis inductions, techniques and embedded commands to help your clients achieve and maintain deep levels of trance
  • How to connect with the superconscious (universal) mind and how to receive soul permission
  • The healing processes that will bring forgiveness and help them to move forward in their lives
  • How to understand karmic and life patterns and how to release and change them
  • How to deal with stuck clients
  • How to read and decipher your client's energy
  • How to ground, protect and clear both you and your client
  • How to work with "stuck" clients
  • How to work with the chakra system to release blockages from past life
  • And much more