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Discover the power and promise of clinical hypnosis in this foundational course. You'll explore the power of the subconscious mind and understand how hypnosis works for change. You'll discover why some clients are suitable for hypnosis while others are not. You'll learn professional protocols and important ethical standards and boundaries. You'll tailor induction to client needs to help them let go of weight, stop smoking, manage stress and emotions and make other desired life changes. Adopt techniques to help clients get free of fears and phobias. You'll learn how to change the beliefs that limit people, so they can manage anger, raise self-esteem and move beyond victim-hood. You'll explore the use of hypnosis for group work, along with contemporary clinical applications of neurolinguistic programming (NLP). You'll also learn to use hypnosis to heal the inner child. Assist clients in overcoming anger through compassion focused forgiveness processes, releasing the ties that bind them in order to make healthy life choices. With over 170 lessons and 25 hours of audio and video lectures at your fingertips, 75 hours of self-practice, assignments, test cases and mentoring meetings, this comprehensive course will provide you with everything you require to begin confidently practicing hypnosis upon completion.

Audio/Video Lectures

Learn hypnosis through interactive, informative and fun lectures!

Audio and video lectures will provide you with the theory behind hypnosis and how to apply the techniques with clients.

How neuroscience gives us a window into brain function to understand what occurs during hypnosis.

Find out the fascinating history of hypnosis and its use as a healing tool throughout the centuries.

Over 4 hours of client demonstration videos that will teach you how to put hypnosis techniques into practice with clients.

Learn clinic protocols to assist your clients in "Getting to the IT" to understand the problem or issue...and what to do to change it!

Learn how to induce the hypnotic state and tools and interventions to use with a variety of problems and concerns.

What You'll Learn

  • Know how and when to use hypnosis for yourself and others.
  • Explore criteria for suitable clients.
  • Self-hypnosis techniques to reinforce subconscious change
  • Tailor induction to your clients' needs and learning modes.
  • Learn hypnosis script-writing and the power of compounding.
  • Help clients lose weight, quit smoking and manage stress.
  • Apply hypnosis for self-esteem, anger management and, emotional change.
  • Help clients get free of fears and phobias quickly and permanently.
  • Monitor and change negative self-talk.
  • Practice basic Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in hypnosis.
  • Effect change through inner child and forgiveness protocols.
  • Understand innovative intake tools including "The Jars"
  • Speedy inductions
  • Future pacing and goal setting
  • Use hypnosis to heal the inner child
  • Apply emotional change techniques when clients are stuck
  • Release the ties that bind enmeshment clients
  • Learn forgiveness healing protocols
  • How to operate with ethics and boundaries
  • How to market your hypnosis practice
  • How to facilitate group hypnosis sessions

    Interactive Learning

    Put What You Learn Into Practice

    Assignments will assist you in developing a deeper understanding of the concepts you have learned

    Put hypnosis skills into practice with "clients" by completing test cases and receive feedback from your instructors.

    Develop your timing, tone and cadence...your hypnotic voice...by recording self-hypnosis sessions

    Connect with your instructors and other students in monthly group mentoring meetings. Ask questions. Receive feedback and guidance.

    Engage with other students and instructors in fully moderated discussion boards.

    Optional choice to connect and practice with other students over skype.

    Upon completion of the course, you will receive your diploma as a Certified Hypnotherapist or Certified Consulting Hypnotist

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    Certification as a Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist

    Individuals in Ontario who are registered as a mental health practitioner (Doctors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists etc) will receive certification as a Hypnotherapist. Individuals who are not registered as a mental health practitioner will receive certification as a Consulting Hypnotist. If you live outside of Ontario, please check with your provincial or state laws to understand how the practice of hypnosis is regulated. Your scope and practice of hypnosis and what you will be able to work with will be dictated by your provincial or state laws. Mental health care practitioners are able to treat serious disorders through the use of hypnosis. This means that mental health care practitioners can use hypnosis to treat PTSD, anxiety, depression and trauma. Consulting hypnotists will be able to assist everyday people with normal problems. An example of some of the areas that consulting hypnotists can work are self-esteem and confidence improvement, smoking cessation, habit and behaviour change, overcoming procrastination, becoming more assertive, improving relationships, overcoming fears and apprehensions and stress management. It is every student's responsibility to understand the areas that fall within their scope and practice of training and to refer out when necessary. In some provinces and states the term hypnotherapist can be used by someone who is not a registered mental health care practitioner. If this is the case then a certificate as hypnotherapist can be granted.